Coantec ME+

The COANTEC ME+ automotive endoscope features a 3.5" high-definition display and a 1 megapixel industrial video camera. The image of objects is clear and smooth, the colors are more vivid, the user can effectively inspect the actual state of the internal surface of objects.
Price: 2,133$

Промышленный видеоэндоскоп Coantec CP35 - модель подходящая под большое количество задач

Промышленный видеоэндоскоп Coantec CP35
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Features of The Coantec ME+ videoendoscope

  • High-definition camera
    Industrial HD resolution high definition industrial video camera
  • Probe bending angle
    The large bend angle of the probe provides for comfortable inspection of the valves
  • High reliability
    Highly adaptable to the application environment - oil resistant version
  • Ease of use
    Easy to work with, reliable and economical. It is possible to connect to a large screen.
Overview of the Coantec ME+ videoendoscope
Advantages of the Coantec ME+
automotive videoendoscope
  • The large bend angle of the probe provides for comfortable inspection of the valves
    The probe design features precision-made, rotatable parts and a minimum bending angle of 180°, providing for a wide angle of view. When inspecting an automobile engine, the valves can be viewed without having to turn the unit.
  • Highly adaptable to the environment, oil-resistant design
    The double shell of the operating part is made of tungsten alloy filaments, which utilizes more advanced laser welding technology in its production. The IP67 dust and water resistance rating is oil resistant for use in oily environments.
  • Connection to a large external screen for easy diagnostics
    The object images can be transferred to a larger external display via HDMI cable for easy viewing. This option will be useful to the examiner and will allow for collective image review for accurate diagnosis and analysis of results.
  • Easy to work with, reliable and economical
    The main unit is ergonomic, lightweight, compact and easy to operate. Thanks to the convenient and user-friendly interface, even beginners will be able to get up to work quickly. The video endoscope was subjected to drop tests, which confirmed the high degree of protection and reliability of the device.
Scope of application
  • Car maintenance
  • Home appliance repair
  • Industrial control
  • Piping inspection

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Customer feedback
  • The device was purchased for car service. I immediately felt all the benefits and now he is our indispensable assistant. You used to take off a bunch of stuff to examine a particular part, now it takes many times less time. For us, it's a relief in our work and satisfied customers. I recommend it!
    Victor Novikov
    Car service receptionist
  • We are an appliance repair service company. It took a long time to decide whether to buy a video endoscope or not. In the end, we decided to go for it and we didn't regret it one bit. It became much more convenient to work with the hardware connecting the android, which greatly facilitated the work of our foremen. We ended up ordering 2 more pieces. We're all happy.
    Boris Strikalov
    Head of a service company

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