Промышленный видеоэндоскоп Coantec CP35 - модель подходящая под большое количество задач

Промышленный видеоэндоскоп Coantec CP35
Coantec CP35
COANTEC CP35 is an inspection tactical video endoscopes with infrared night vision for the inspection of dark areas. The videoendoscope is lightweight, portable and compact. During the inspection, the probe bends 360° in all directions, and there are no blind spots. LCD control + photo and video capture. The ability to transmit images via Wi-Fi.
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Features of the Coantec CP35 videoendoscope

  • Infrared camera
    Infrared night vision and ultra long viewing distance. Autonomous operating part replacement system for night vision/with backlight.
  • Probe bending angle
    360° bending microprobe with camera
  • Wi-Fi and sound recording
    Wi-Fi for wireless image transmission (optional). Sound data accumulation function (optional)
  • Compactness and reliability
    Ultra lightweight and compact, the device weighs 450 g (including batteries). The inserted part is in a double four-layer tungsten alloy braid.
Security screening benefits
videoendoscope Coantec CP35
  • Probe replacement system
    Thanks to the universal design of the operating part (probe), the user can freely replace a backlit probe or a night vision probe with another probe with the required technical characteristics, working with one video endoscope to solve many problems and save money. The complete probe replacement process takes no more than 30 seconds.
  • Advantages
    The observation probe has a built-in sound module.
    The user can use the photo, video and sound storage function to obtain more complete data for analysis and evaluation. Infrared night vision technology is used in the operating units. They are equipped with an 850 nm/940 nm IR source. In total darkness, it helps to easily distinguish any objects at a great distance.
  • High-quality image
    The video endoscope captures photos and records high-definition video to facilitate high-quality, detailed diagnosis and analysis.
  • Optional Wi-Fi module
    With the built-in Wi-Fi module, images can be sent to receiving stations such as smartphones (pre-installed Android mobile app required) for remote monitoring.
Scope of application
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Covert surveillance
  • Search for explosive devices
  • Security
  • Search for contraband
  • Search and rescue operations

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Ensuring security
  • The COANTEC CP35 is suitable for use by public security officers, armed police, firefighters, prosecutors, customs officers and similar personnel for operational activities, explosive device searches, covert surveillance, security checks, contraband searches and search and rescue operations.
Customer feedback
  • In the activities of a security agency, we always strive to keep up with the times by utilizing modern control and security tools.For a long time, we have had difficulty inspecting hard-to-reach areas in buildings and vehicles. At first they used cheap toys - there is no other word for it - as a solution, which quickly broke down and did not give the desired result. Poor picture quality, weak backlight and banal short life. More than a year ago we purchased a Coantec device, which has served us faithfully until now. All of the claimed characteristics are confirmed in practice, closing the whole range of safety issues. We currently use several video endoscopes in our work.
    Nikolay Sverchkov
    Head of security company
  • In our profession, time is of the essence. When rescuing a person, every second counts, so the rescuer must clearly understand what to do and also have all the necessary tools for rescue. I've been a lifeguard for over 15 years and I used to take a long time to get the right access or do the right inspection. Disassembling, breaking, opening, and the like. A lot of time was spent on it. We have recently started using portable video scopes and this has made our job much easier and reduced the time it takes to provide the care we need. I am very happy that modern devices are now available for lifeguards as well.
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