VRScope X5-E

Videoscopes manufactured by Coantec, the leading producer in its field.
Open a new level of visual inspection of equipment and its components in high quality on a 6-inch display.
These innovative videoendoscopes are equipped with a unique dual power system that provides a long 8 hours of battery life.
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Benefits of a measuring videoscope
VRScope Х5 Pro-M

  • High image quality
    The built-in high sensitivity converter with image processing algorithm allows you to get sharper photos in high quality.
  • Portable design
    The ergonomic portable design of the VRScope X5 Pro-M allows to comfortably hold the main part of the video endoscope in your hand. The electric joystick allows you to bend the probe 360° in all directions.
  • Robust and reliable housing
    The housing of the video endoscope is made of impact-resistant ABS material, and the display screen is protected by a special coating, which increases its reliability and durability.
  • Dual power supply, long operating time
    The dual power is used, as well as a high-capacity lithium-polymer battery that can be used for more than 8-10 hours. Fast battery charges the device in an hour.

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We paid attention to important components in the work with measuring videoendoscope
  • Best picture quality
    - Super-bright LED backlight with dimmer allows you to get high brightness and image resolution of monitored items, detect defects in dark areas and illuminate large spaces.
    - High-quality HD image sensor, the resulting image is clearer and smoother, rich in details (H1280 x V720 pixels).
    Video at 60 frames per second is smoother and more accurate, with no lags or jerks for quick detection of small defects.
    - Noise suppression algorithm minimizes noise and ensures accurate color reproduction.
    - 6.0-inch high-contrast HD display with IPS matrix (H1920 x V1200 pixels).
    - Allows taking pictures while recording video.
  • Precise and smooth probe articulation
    - A sensitive joystick allows you to accurately control the angle of the distal end, has a sensitive response, no delays, it is pleasant to control, smoothly penetrates into hard-to-reach places with a large number of kinks and crossovers.
    - The probe quickly and smoothly repeats the movement of the operator.
    - Virtual articulation on the touch screen repeats the functionality of the joystick and is designed for more precise control of the probe.
  • Ultra-portable and convenient
    - Ergonomic and lightweight (only ≤2.1 kg), it is comfortable to hold in hand, which greatly facilitates the work of the operator during long-term inspection.
    - Allows taking pictures while recording video.
    - The videoendoscope is placed in a compact case that can be stowed under the passenger seat on an airplane. Inspections can be done quickly, anytime and anywhere.
    - Software in Russian and English. Optional any language
  • Reliable and protected
    - Contact of the probe with engine oil, light oil products is allowed.
    - Probe protection class IP67.
    - 2-stage high temperature alarm indicator, contributes to the durability of the probe and alerts the operator to the high temperature of the inspected part.

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a FREE demo!

Leave a request and our specialist will contact you shortly and offer a convenient format
    The engine is a key component that determines the reliability, flight safety and mission readiness of an aircraft.
    Due to the high cost of engines and their decisive position, large resources are required, which is currently achieved by implementing an optimized operation strategy based on the actual state of engine parts and assemblies.

    In practice, all equipment monitored by endoscopes in the nuclear industry can be divided into four broad categories: process equipment in radiochemical production facilities, industrial reactors in operation and during decommissioning, liquid waste recovery process equipment, and the internal walls of cylindrical and hollow products during production and operation.
    The main tasks facing specialists in the diagnostics of oil and gas industry facilities include remote visual control of the technical condition of units and assemblies, the condition of surfaces and welded joints, as well as assessing the quality of units.
    Videoendoscopes are most effective for visual-measuring inspection and control of steam and gas turbines, pipe cavities and internal walls of collectors, chemical equipment, pressure vessels and various pipelines in the production conditions.
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